Toss out that old-school lamp timer and go wireless with your lights using this Wi-Fi-enabled light bulb.

Just screw the $20 TP-Link LB100 LED bulb (way down from its $35 list price) into a standard light-bulb socket, then connect it to your home Wi-Fi network using the included iOS or Android app.

Once that’s done, you can use the app (or Amazon’s voice-controlled Alexa base station, if you have one) to turn the dimmable “soft warm” bulb on and off, put it on a timer, or create a customized lighting “mood.”

Best of all, you can control the bulb (which should last you about 13 years, according to TP-Link) from anywhere in the world, so long as you’ve got a wireless connection.

Check out the TP-Link LB100 smart LED bulb on Amazon!

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Note: In the original version of this post, I wrote that the TP-Link LB100 light bulk was $19; it’s actually $19.99, which rounds to about $20. Apologies for the goof.