Don’t leave your iPhones, iPads, or Android phones at the mercy of an iffy hotel wall outlet. Instead, bring along a multi-port wall charger that’ll power up your handhelds quickly—and, more importantly, safely.

On sale for $24, the Anker PowerPort 5 plugs into a standard wall outlet and charges up to 5 gadgets at once, perfect for hotels that skimp on power sockets.

Armed with Anker’s fast-charging “PowerIQ” and “VoltageBoost” technologies, the PowerPort 5 can squeeze every last drop of juice out of a power outlet, while “MultiProtect” safety features shield your gadgets from power surges and overheating. About the size of a deck of cards, the 8.3-ounce PowerPort 4 easily fits in a purse, backpack or a suitcase side pocket.

Check out the Anker PowerPort 5 wall charger on Amazon!

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