10 must-know tips for your new iPhone

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10 tips for your new iPhone

So, did you just unwrap a new iPhone? Here’s 10 tips to get you started, from taking a screenshot to declining a call with a text message.

1. Don’t forget the search box

In many of the iPhone’s core applications—from Mail and Contacts to Notes and Messages—there’s a search box hiding almost in plain sight. Read more…


Nope, you don’t have to unlock your iPhone to skip tunes or pause your music.

2. How to control your music from the lock screen

Want to pause your iPhone’s music player, skip a track, or resume a playlist, all without unlocking your phone? Read more…

3. How to take a screenshot

Ever wanted to take a snapshot of your iPhone’s display? Or have you taken a screenshot by accident, without quite knowing how you did it? Here’s the trick. Read more…

4. Four more things the Home button can do

Most of the time, nothing much will happen when you triple-click the iPhone’s home key—that is, unless you flip a switch deep in the Settings menu. Read more…


Just swipe up the handset icon on the right side of the screen to reveal more ways to decline a call.

5. 4 ways to decline a voice call

Thanks to iOS 6, the new handset software for the iPhone, there are now (by my count, anyway) at least four ways to send an untimely call to voicemail. Read more…

6. How to add Amazon’s Kindle store to your iPhone’s home screen

You can’t buy Kindle books from the iPhone’s Kindle reader app, but there’s nothing stopping you from adding a Kindle store shortcut to the iPhone home page. Read more…

7. iPhone camera tip: What the green and blue boxes are for

Confused by those pulsing green and blue boxes that appear in the iPhone’s camera viewfinder? Don’t worry—they come in peace. Here’s what they’re for. Read more…

7 essential iPhone typing tips

Want to type a character with an accent mark? Easily done.

8. 7 essential iPhone typing tips

Want to send a text message in ALL CAPS? Can’t find the em dash key? Tired of your iPhone fixing your typing when it doesn’t need to be fixed? Help is here. Read more…

9. What’s the difference between an alert, a banner, and a badge?

Get a quick tour of the different types of notifications on your iPhone or iPad, plus how to change when and where they appear. Read more…

10. How to revive a frozen iPhone

In a pinch, you can resuscitate a frozen, glitchy, or otherwise unresponsive iPhone with a so-called hard reset. Here’s how to do it. Read more…

Bonus tip

Got a new iPhone to replace your old one? Thanks to iCloud, it’s relatively easy to transfer your contacts, photos, apps, and other data to your new iPhone—and no, you won’t need any wires. Read more…

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