Xit AXTCXNY Bluetooth Clip X speakerNo, I wouldn’t advise wearing a portable Bluetooth speaker in the library or at the movies. But if you’re in the mood for music while you’re, say, working in the garden or taking a hike, a compact clip-on speaker like this one could make for a tuneful companion.

On sale for $8 (usually it’s $20), the two-ounce, neon-yellow Xit AXTCXNY Bluetooth Clip X speaker wirelessly streams tunes from your iPhone or Android phone, and you can clip it onto a backpack strap, your belt loop, a keychain, you name it. Don’t expect Bose-quality sound, but for eight bucks, it’s hard to complain.

Check out the Xit AXTCXNY Bluetooth Clip X speaker on Amazon!

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