One of the easiest ways to boost spotty Wi-Fi in your home is to plug a wireless extender into a wall outlet, and this compact model from TP-Link can do the trick for less than $20—if you act quickly, that is.

The TP-Link AC750 dual-band Wi-Fi extender generally sells for about $25, but at $19.50 (for just a few more hours today!), it’s an even better bargain.

Setting up the TP-Link extender is a snap: just plug it into a wall outlet, then follow the online setup wizard to connect it to your home Wi-Fi network and configure its “extended” network. An LED indicator will warn you if the extender is too far from your main wireless router.

Update [2:20pm ET]: Amazon’s $19.50 “lightning” deal for the TP-Link AC750 extender just ended, but the new $25 price tag is still a pretty good deal.

Update [4/5/2017]: Hooray, the $19.50 sale price is back! (Who knows for how long, though.)

Check out the TP-Link AC750 dual-band Wi-Fi extender on Amazon!

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