Nope, you don’t have to settle for tinny sound from your HDTV’s puny speakers. Instead, you can bathe your living room in Bose-quality sound, and you can do so for a lot less than you might think.

Normally selling for $250 and up, the Bose Solo 5 stereo sound bar is on sale for $198, its lowest price ever on Amazon. Update [5pm ET]: Well, that didn’t last long; the price just went back up to $224 (sad face).

The single-speaker Bose Solo 5 sound bar plugs into your HDTV via a single connection. Just set the Solo 5 in front of your TV set, crank the volume, and enjoy the supple sound.

The Solo 5 boasts a “dialogue” mode to help ensure that music and sound effects aren’t drowning out the actors, while the speaker’s built-in Bluetooth receiver means you’ll be able to stream tunes from your iPhone or Android phone.

Check out the Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System on Amazon!

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