You don’t need a fancy base station to turn your house into a smart home. In fact, you can get started with a single Wi-Fi-enabled light bulb, and it’s a lot cheaper than you might think.

On sale for just $17 (53% off), the Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb looks just light a standard light bulb, and you can screw it into any of your existing lamps at home.

Once you’ve got the Lumos smart bulb installed, just use the EufyHome app (iOS and Android versions are available) to connect the smart bulb to your home Wi-Fi network.

With a little help from the app, you can put the smart bulb on a regular schedule, activate a varied “away” schedule to keep would-be burglars guessing, or control the bulb with voice commands (like “Turn on the lights!”) with an Amazon “Alexa”-powered device.

Check out the Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb on Amazon!

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