The end of the week has arrived! Treat yourself to a robotic vacuum that’s selling for an all-time low. Also this Friday: a gadget that’s a sight for sore eyes, and one of the cheapest car chargers you’ll ever find.

Eufy RoboVac 11+ Robotic Vacuum

$189.99 on Amazon (66% off)

On sale today for its lowest price ever, this self-charging robot vacuum from Eufy will bust the dust off your floors and carpets, all without you lifting a finger. Boasting “Power Boost” technology for extra suction power and sensors for navigating your furniture and avoiding dangerous drops, the programmable RoboVac 11+ will cruise around your home, seeking out dirt and debris. When it’s done sweeping up, the RoboVac will dutifully head back to its charging station.

iMagniphy LED Magnifying Glass

$12.98 on Amazon (65% off)

This’ll come in handy the next time you’re in a dimly lit restaurant trying to read the too-tiny print on the menu. Powered by a trio of AAA batteries, this eight-ounce iMagniphy magnifying glass comes with a pair of interchangeable lenses, two built-in LED lights, a drawstring pouch and a cleaning cloth.

Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 18W Car Charger

$3.99 on Amazon

Strictly speaking, this Aukey car charger isn’t on sale, but for just four bucks, who cares? Compatible with any dashboard cigarette lighter, this USB car charger can juice up your iPhone or Android phone in a jiffy, while its built-in safety features will protect your devices from shorts and overheating.

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