New iPhone is "thinner and lighter" than the iPhone 4, reports WSJThe back-and-forth predictions about the next iPhone showed no signs of stopping Wednesday, with no less than the Wall Street Journal claiming that the iPhone 5 (or whatever it ends up being called) will arrive this fall with a slimmer, trimmer, and ligher profile than its predecessor.

The new, “thinner and lighter” iPhone will boast a sharper camera (think eight megapixels, up from five on the iPhone 4), according to the unnamed component suppliers quoted by the Journal.

The paper added that the revamped iPhone is also “complicated and difficult to assemble,” which could lead to production delays and, consequently, long lines at your local Apple store.

The new Journal report adds yet another angle to an already confusing mix of iPhone rumors.

One cluster of rumors has it that the upcoming iPhone “4S” (“S” as in “speed,” similar to the iPhone 3GS from a couple years back) will look more or less the same as the iPhone 4, with its main improvements—namely a speedier processor and a sharper, eight-megapixel camera—under the hood.

Another camp believes that the new iPhone will be a full-on revamp, complete with a “radical” new design, a larger display, and a thinner profile. There are also a few who predict that Apple may unveil not one, but two iPhones in September: a cheaper, lightly updated iPhone 4S and a completely redesigned iPhone 5.

here’s the thing: When it comes to cold, hard facts, we know nothing at all about the new iPhone (beyond that it isn’t here yet, of course). But when the Wall Street Journal weighs in on Apple, I tend to listen—although I’m sure we’ll hear another contradictory iPhone rumor before the week is out.

Source: Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

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